Tue 14th May 2024

Sustainability: Time to Take Control

A Leadership Event to accelerate
your sustainability journey

Windmill Village Hotel & Spa, Coventry CV5 9AL

This event will unite leaders from all industry stakeholders to discuss the challenges ruminants face but provide pivotal solutions to implement at farm level. The aim is to promote positive discussion around sustainability and enable all to take away key actions that can be implemented day to day to support a reduction in environmental footprint, securing a viable future for the industry. Trouw Nutrition’s overarching vision is Beyond Net Zero, and this Leadership Event is designed to accelerate your sustainability journey.

The Leadership Event in a nutshell

Event Ethos & Speaker Bios

To feed a future population of over 10 billion people we need to increase food production by 60% whilst decreasing waste, and do it all with 75% fewer emissions.

Learn more about the ambition of this event, the industry stakeholders it will unite, and the event speaker biographies.

Ethos & Speaker Bios

The programme

The Leadership Event will take place on Tuesday 14th May 2024. 

To read about speaker discussion topics, and to get more insight into what is happening please have a look at our programme.


Sustainability Series: Practical guides

We have put together a series of practical guides of how to implement best practice with the aim of reducing your carbon footprint and improving efficiency.

Download the guides here


sustainability guides

Windmill Village Hotel & Spa

Our event will be held at the Winmill Suite of the Windmill Village Hotel & Spa, Birmingham Road, Allesley, Coventry, CV5 9AL.

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Rather than being seen solely as the cause of the problem, we must remember that cows are actually an integral and important part of the solution. To feed in excess of 10 billion people we need to increase food production by 60% and decrease waste, producing food with 75% fewer emissions.
Dr. Liz Homer


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