Tue 20th June 2023

Sustainability: Time to Take Control

A Leadership Event to kickstart
your sustainability journey

At Trouw Nutrition our purpose is: ‘Feeding The Future’. Sustainable agriculture is a key pillar in delivering this and protecting the future of farming. We believe we can directly contribute to reducing carbon emissions at individual dairy business level, working with our customers to deliver solutions across the supply chain. We are committed to being proactive in delivering a holistic approach to sustainability on farm linking environmental and economic sustainability through enhanced lifetime productivity. If our partners are to be equally proactive, we believe significant benefits will be realised.

Uniting Stakeholders to Take Action

This event will unite leaders from all industry stakeholders: from retailers, food & drink service industry and processors to environmental consultants, feed compounders, farmers, farm consultants, feed advisors, vets, academics, and industry organisations.

We will come together to discuss pivotal solutions to implement within your business and at farm level enabling a reduction in carbon footprint, and to secure a viable future for the industry. Trouw Nutrition’s overarching vision is Beyond Net Zero, and this Leadership Event is designed to kickstart your sustainability journey.

Speaker Biographies

Dr. Jude L. Capper
Joseph Keating
Tom Gill
Dr. John Doelman
Rob Binnekamp
Dr. Liz Homer
Dr. Javier Martín-Tereso
A Vision for the Industry

At Trouw Nutrition we are committed on taking a lead on behalf of the industry, developing a clear dairy sustainability approach. We will continue to develop our current tools and are committed to an innovative programme of R&D, creating new products and solutions in the fields of early life nutrition, nutrient use efficiency, enteric emissions, manure emissions and novel ingredients. By doing so we can help provide clarity for farmers and the feed industry and help reduce the total footprint of the sector.

Technical Guides
Sustainability: Time to Take Control 2023

Registration & Invitations

If you would like to receive an invite to our Sustainability Leadership Event please let us know by following this link. Alternatively please reach out to your usual Trouw Nutrition representative.