Customised products and services to increase business success  

NutriOpt is a suite of integrated digital solutions and services to support farmers and feed professionals with nutritional knowledge, improved animal diets and consistent, optimal animal performance. With over 15 services available, ranging from NIR solutions to animal modelling and dedicated feeding programmeswe support farmers in optimal animal performance and business success.  

Actionable Analysis

Test and obtain accurate nutritional data
NIR desktop
NIR mobile

Actionable Insights

Retrieve useful feed insights from the nutritional data
NutriOpt On-site Adviser
Mycotoxin Adviser
Nutritional Profile
Nutritional trends & reporting

Optimal Diets

Use insights to formulate and optimise diets
Formulation services
Feed structure for broilers
Feed structure for layers
Pre-peak feeding
Rearing strategies for pullets
Split-feeding broiler breeders
Split-feeding layers

Optimal Performance

Apply optimisation models to reach optimal performance
Sow model
Swine scenario
Broiler model
Dairy model

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