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Feeding calves more milk to support higher growth rates is an important first step. However, feeding a specifically formulated calf milk replacer to ensure that the calf receives a balanced nutrient supply that provides optimal development whilst supporting the health of the calf takes rearing to the next level.

Avoiding the risk of exceeding nutrient tolerance is essential in early life.

The graph shows at what levels calves reach their nutrient tolerance for lactose with typical calf milk replacers (green line)close to the threshold. Feeding calves an elevated level of lactose, particularly in early life, can damage gut integrity, increase the risk of abomasal bloat (due to slower gastric emptying) and exacerbate diarrhoea severity in calves.

For these reasons Energized Calf Milk has been developed with a higher energy level and lower lactose and osmolality level to reduce the risk of nutritional challenges in early life. Energized Calf Milk was inspired using whole milk as the biological nutritional reference and aims to provide compositional consistency and superior energy density to every calf.

For confidence your milk replacer is safe to feed at elevated levels look for the Lifestart logo

For maximum growth, development and health potential choose an Energized Calf Milk
  • 25% Quality, Digestible Fat
  • 22.5% Protein
  • 50% Skim

Milkivit Energized Calf Milk

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